Monday, March 27, 2006

Cleaning the garage

This weekend's project was cleaning out the garage. We also sorted through a few boxes and actually emptied a couple. Among the "clutter" we found some of Janell's early schoolwork. I couldn't resist sharing a fifth grade writing assignment. This is from Mr. Guthrie's class, Fall 1983. The assignment read: "Pretend you can look into a glass ball and see your future. You can see yourself as you might be when you are twenty-five years old. Describe what you would look like. Describe the place where you will live. Tell about the kinds of things you would be doing." Janell's foresight was uncanny...

"If I could see what I would be like at the age of twenty -five years old... I think I would have long brown hair with a hint of red in it. My
hair would always be in a bun I also would be tall about 5 ft 11 in and I wold be slim.
"I would live in Rome, Italy in a mansion. I would have a
handsome husband and would have a pair of twins, Rose and Ryan. I am expecting another girl her name will be Violet.
"I would be a professional ballet dancer. I would dance in
theaters all over Italy.
"This is what I think I will be like when I am twenty-five years

OK, so she didn't quite get all the details right. It was fun to share this with the girls yesterday. I just want to know when I get to see Janell on stage in her tutu in Venice!