Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12:05 AM and no signs of slowing.

I really wish the 2008 Summer Olympics would be shown in real time. I'm up way too late (again) watching women flip, tumble, spin and fly through the air. Why? Does this really have any bearing on my life? Will it really matter tomorrow morning if the USA gets a medal in women's gymnastics? No.

However, I am an American. A fairly proud one at that. I disagree with the direction our country is headed sometimes, I am really frustrated with the choices facing me this election year, yet I am an AMERICAN. I can disagree. I can worship the Almighty God with no fear of being arrested. I have the privilege of teaching my children at home with minimal government interference.

Having God's blessing to be born into this beautiful country is all it took, but over my short lifetime the realization of what it means has taken hold. I love my country, its good and its bad.

So this is why I sit here in the middle of the night watching sports that I could never do, nor even understand. I'm cheering on women and men who are doing amazing things, representing the country we share.

Because I am an AMERICAN!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Precious Pups

I'm really not in a writing mood right now, but as I sit here watching the Olympics I realize that I am surrounded by 3 beautiful, devoted dogs.

Ever since I used to cry into the long fur on Mojave's chest (my very first dog), the idea that the Lord has placed dogs here to give us a glimpse of his unconditional love has grown in my heart and mind. Having Eli and Abbey share my life has only cemented this maybe unorthodox view in my mind.

No matter what I may have on my plate during the day, my "Golden Shadows" are right there eager to help in any way I will let them. Just yesterday I felt like a movie star because Abbey and her son, Cooper, would watch me trekking to and from the trailer, then be ecstatic every time I entered the house with a handful of items. It didn't matter that I had no toys for them, they didn't care that I was covered in sweat due to the humidity, they were just so glad to be with me.

Even Eli with his aging body will climb stairs to make sure that he is near me as I work. He usually is right underfoot when I'm cooking a meal, or warming up my feet as the girls and I do school.

All 3 dogs are sacked out within spitting distance right now. Abbey is right at my feet so I can't get up without stepping on her, Eli is holding up the couch next to Scott's feet, and Cooper (visiting for a while) is keeping my left side safe and secure. Dogs are such a boost for my self esteem. All they want in life is my companionship, a little love, food and tennis balls.

Ahh, life wouldn't be complete without a little dog fur in my knitting!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Almost over the Hill

Today, I break the blog silence to pay tribute to my precious husband...

Scott turned 35 today. Where does the time go? I remember our first summer together, he turned 17 just before we began our senior year in High School. Is it possible that we've been together over half of our lives?

What a journey life with Scott has been! We've been together, separated by deployments, on this coast or that, dogs, cats, kids... WOW! I can not imagine life without this incredibly fabulous man to share all of the adventures with.

Scott is a caring, devoted father to our girls and a sensitive, attentive husband to me. I think I'm going to have to break out the thesaurus to figure out all of the adjectives that I should use to describe this gift from God.

For now, I'll just smile, extremely thankful that the Lord saw fit to grant me my hearts desire and give Scott to be my husband.

Happy Birthday Darling!!!