Thursday, February 21, 2008

How can it be?

Ok, I swear that it was only a few days ago that I had my weekend alone. Really, the calendar is lying when it says that my last blog post was a month ago. There is no way that it is already past Valentine's Day. No way I tell ya!

I truly don't know where the time goes. One minute I was sitting in front of "The Dog Whisperer" cutting out fabric and drooling over fabrics I wished I could afford (stalking my favorite online stores) and now here it is already a month later. A MONTH! Whew, when will live slow down?

It has been an interesting month for the Zoo. Katelynn marked the end of her first decade with us - yup, my lil' girl isn't so little any more. We will finally be able to celebrate with her friends this weekend, Katelynn requested a sleepover in a Swiss Family Robinson theme. Tomorrow we'll be making leaves and vines out of construction paper, wanna join me?

Hailey began, and finished, potty training. I've always dreaded this portion of parenting, but in true Hailey fashion she has done it her own way 100%. It only took about a week of running around in a dress, and a dress only for her to get the idea. This is actually a sad transition for me, as I still have a ton of cloth diaper supplies around, and no one to sew up any new cute fluff for. It is hilarious to see Miss Hailey running around, her itty-bitty tush covered by her big girl panties. It is hard for her to wear pants now - there isn't anything to hold them up any more!
Giggle 2

Another first for Hailey was the stomach flu. ARGH! Scott and I were sitting with a friend from church watching last weeks Truth Project video when Katelynn comes tearing down the stairs trying to excitedly, but quietly explain to me that Hailey was losing it upstairs. Ah, motherhood. So far, Beth is the only other Zoo member to fall victim to this particular bug. Other illnesses have sidelined Emily and Scott recently, it has been a rough month as far as health is concerned.

Before the end of 2007, Scott had an idea of where our next tour of duty would be - back in Patuxent River, Maryland. So it is now "official", the Stringer Zoo will once again cross the entire country to move to the opposite coast. This makes the 5th time that Scott and I have crossed the country for a Navy move. It is a good thing that I LOVE to travel, right?

So, Scott and I took about 3 weeks to research, pray, and discuss all of our options concerning this house. Rent it out and wait for the market to come back up, or sell and take the loss. It wasn't an easy decision, but I am at peace. Jehovah Jireh, the Lord is my provider. The house is now officially listed for sale. Our realtor's co-workers stopped by yesterday for a walk-through, so the girls, dogs and I were able to do school at Starbucks for a few hours. There will be two open houses this weekend that we'll have to leave for. Thank God that the girls have been so helpful as we've prepared the house for showing. Now if only we can keep it this way.

As always, life with the Stringer Zoo is ever changing, chaotic, and full of surprises. I am so thankful to the God of Wonders for blessing me with my husband and children. They make life so full.