Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Meet our newest family member!

The Stringer Zoo has grown again. This past weekend I flew from Baltimore Washington International airport to Seattle-Tacoma airport to pick up a small bundle of fur and kisses. "Ali" was born on July 19, 2008 along with two sisters.

It has been a whirlwind of emotions and a blur of sleeplessness all viewed from the top of Cloud Nine. It is just like having a newborn baby, except no one is making meals for us or helping out with the girls. :) Needless to say, we did not get any school done on Monday or Tuesday, but we are almost back on track today.

It took a while to figure out a name for this fabulous little man. So after a bit of deliberation, little Ali is now known as Trygve. (Pronounced Trig-vuh.) It means trustworthy in Norwegian - or so I've heard. We've been calling him Tryg, and he is quickly catching on to his name.

He is extremely smart, and is already sitting on command, almost mastered down and is quickly learning how to crawl across the floor on his belly. I can hardly believe how fast he has realized that I won't let him out of his crate or X-pen unless he is sitting down! It is so amazing to see this little wiggly puppy quickly plant his rear on the ground even as his tail is still wagging uncontrollably. I never thought that I'd ever encounter a young dog that has the self restraint and brain power to override his desires. So far Trygve has far exceeded any expectations I have had. I think I'm being spoiled!

By the way, the foot in the last picture is for size comparison. Tryg is a little boy - weighing in at 6.2 pounds today at the vet. But I'm also hoping that you'll admire the fabulous hand-knit sock on my foot. :)

More pictures and narrative to come, I just wanted to give a quick update!