Monday, December 28, 2009

Wibbley Wobbley Timey Wimey

I can hardly believe it has been over a year since I last blogged. Where does the time go? Facebook has been a fun adventure, and I definitely spend way too much time there, however, it has not helped me with the writing itch. Life has sped by way too quickly in the 15 months since Trygve came into our lives. Katelynn is now in 6th grade, active in the youth group, and growing taller by the minute. Emily is in 4th grade, making friends every time she turns around. Beth, our "verb" in the family, still is a force to be reckoned with - but is having fun conquering first grade. Hailey, as petite as ever, just goes with the flow as long as the flow is to her liking.

Eli is now 13 1/2 years old. I can hardly believe this fabulous dog has been with Scott and I for so long. He has become such a defining force in our family. He still loves to play ball, and will even try to outrun Abbey. He is such a handsome boy!

Abbey is our proverbial dumb blond. Still a bit ditzy, but sweet as ever. She has conquered the top dog spot in the family, and won't give that up to the young upstart!

Trygve has firmly planted himself in our hearts. I think even Scott kinda likes him. If he isn't out doing mouse patrol in the yard, you can usually find him cuddled on my left side, keeping me warm as I knit or play around on facebook.

Scott and I are busy trying to keep up with this Zoo. I am ringing handbells in the local community choir and working with the 6th grade girls at youth group. Scott is attempting to keep his sanity as he struggles to do more with less at work. Both of us are so grateful to be home for a week long "staycation". (Vacation at home, nicknamed by a friend.)

Enjoy the pictures, I got a new camera for Christmas, so many more will be posted soon!