Tuesday, July 31, 2007

We've hit the ground RUNNING!

The girls and I have returned to Chula Vista and are already deep in the throes of homecoming preparations. Today marked the last day I'll probably talk to Scott before he sets foot back on American soil (he'll call from Hawaii when they arrive), and we have less than 4 weeks to becoming a complete family again!!!

Singapore was phenomenal! As I've told everyone I've talked to since returning, it was probably the BEST week of my life. Being with Scott again was better than I imagined. I boarded my flights to Singapore feeling as if I was a kid at Christmas. It was amazing to be reunited with my best friend and get to explore a brand new country with him as well. I have to admit that we didn't take too many pictures (sorry, we were to busy holding hands to drag out the camera). However, I do want to get my memories of our days in Singapore down into words before the memories begin to fade.

I apologize to everyone who was hoping we'd update our blogs while in Singapore. I also want to say... "Get a life!" *giggle* OK, no really, in all seriousness, I'm completely flattered that anyone would actually want to read about my life. I really don't see myself as anyone special, and it just floors me that people I hold in such high regard are eager to know what I've been up to. I'm seriously amazed!!! Thank you to everyone who has prodded me to write about the Stringer Zoo, your encouragement and support have kept me going, even when the blog stayed silent for a while.

Once again, the girls and I covet your prayers as we look at the long laundry list of items to complete before Scott's return. (Katelynn looked at my list and commented "You've almost run out of paper, Mom!) I know that not everything is important to get done, it just all feels urgent. Pray for wisdom for me to prioritize and for self-discipline as I tackle my tasks. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the details instead of focusing on the reason why I'm working. I just need to remember to start my day off with time with our Father, and to go to Him for my "To Do" list for the day, right?

On that note, I'm going to try and shut down my brain at a decent hour tonight - we arrived home after midnight last night and I couldn't settle down until after 3:30 this morning. I KNOW I can't keep that up!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Check out what Nana & crew are doing.

While Scott and I have been enjoying the tastes and sights of Singapore, Nana has been corralling the younger portion of the Zoo up in Northern California. I pray that they aren't running her too ragged. :)

When you have a moment, run over to her new blog to see what the girls have been up to...
Nana's News.

Scott and I are going to go get a late breakfast, and try to find a local geocache. I've never geocached before, so I'm not sure what to expect!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Where in the world...

is the Stringer Zoo?

MMmmm, good question. The younger portion of the Zoo is camped out in Lake Almanor with Nana. I've been told that they have completed their dirt house, and have fun in the small pool they have named "Little Lake Almanor". :)

For the past two days, Scott and I have been enjoying the sights, sounds, and tastes of Singapore. It has been wonderful to be together again!!! This past six-month separation was the longest we've ever endured, even through our time in college (at opposite ends of the country) we were never apart longer than 4 months. I have been continually reminded of all the things I love and adore about my husband.

Today we will go on the ultimate tourist excusion. We have a 10:00 appointment for the Singapore Duck tours. Then we'll ride a "Hippo" around the shopping district on Orchard Street. The best part comes later tonight as we both get massages before heading out to dinner. I'm enthralled with Singapore. It has been a wonderful experience!

More stories and pictures to come! We're off for now!