Monday, June 08, 2015

It could have been better

Today began the Epic Stringer Zoo Road Trip of 2015. We left home at 10:05, only 5 minutes later than planned! Definitely a minor miracle for us.  It was a gorgeous day in southern Maryland, blue skies and sun accompanied us into the mountains of western Maryland. (Note to self: check GPS routing against Google and an atlas BEFOREHAND departure.) We stopped at a rest area for lunch and there I noticed it... A less than fully inflated tire on the trailer. Grr. After attempting and failing to inflate the tire at the closest gas station, I decided to put the spare tire on instead.  Praise God for his provision and protection! It turned out the flat tire had a large bulge on the inside wall. I am so thankful that we did not experience a blow out on our first leg of this trip! I'm a bit gun-shy with the other tires now though, as all 5 tires were replaced only 3 days ago. Now we are camped at Wolfie's Kampground in Zanesville, Ohio.  It looks like a nice enough campground, but we arrived at dusk, so we were unable to enjoy the pool or playground. I'm exhausted, between the tire, Wyatt's nervous whimpering from the back of the Suburban ( and the torrential downpours it has been a much longer day than I had anticipated. Here's hoping for an uneventful and restful night!


Lucy Lediaev said...

Hoping for a drier, better day tomorrow. At least you avoided disaster with the tire giving you some warning. Maybe a stop at a vet for some mild tranquilizers for Wyatt or at a doctor's office for tranquilizers for the whole family.

GoughRMAK said...

Glad to hear day 1 was a success. I snickered when you said "minor miracle" (sorry). However beautiful the mountains of Western MD are, I did NOT enjoy towing through them the one time I did (neither did my truck). I know a LOT of people are a little jealous of you guys right now (myself included) because of the adventure that is in front of you.

God bless, and drive safe!! Maybe give Wyatt some Benadryl.

Unknown said...

We are so glad you all are safe and were tucked in for the night,so to speak . Today is a new day and a new adventure. Love, MOM