Wednesday, August 13, 2008

12:05 AM and no signs of slowing.

I really wish the 2008 Summer Olympics would be shown in real time. I'm up way too late (again) watching women flip, tumble, spin and fly through the air. Why? Does this really have any bearing on my life? Will it really matter tomorrow morning if the USA gets a medal in women's gymnastics? No.

However, I am an American. A fairly proud one at that. I disagree with the direction our country is headed sometimes, I am really frustrated with the choices facing me this election year, yet I am an AMERICAN. I can disagree. I can worship the Almighty God with no fear of being arrested. I have the privilege of teaching my children at home with minimal government interference.

Having God's blessing to be born into this beautiful country is all it took, but over my short lifetime the realization of what it means has taken hold. I love my country, its good and its bad.

So this is why I sit here in the middle of the night watching sports that I could never do, nor even understand. I'm cheering on women and men who are doing amazing things, representing the country we share.

Because I am an AMERICAN!


KY Transplants said...

Believe me, I know the feeling. As I sit in my hotel room in VA Beach, I want to go to bed to catch up on my missed sleep, but I am watching diving and whatever else will come on later.

Glad you have broken your silence. DW has been working on ours as well.

Bill Darden said...

Same here - once the TV goes on I can't drum up the ability to hit the red button, only the channel up/down ones! Keep it up and you'll have to resort to my solution - kill the service! We dropped all TV service September 2006 and it's amazing how quickly you forget about it. I've watched a few key races over the Internet, otherwise I'm doing other things. And not paying $60 a month for the aggravation! :)

Nana said...

Can you believe that I actually stayed up until midnight the other night, also watching gymnastics.

We are crazy. I was so tired the next day. Yum Yum did not let me sleep in.